Shame on you!

This time I write english[I quite lazy use chinese and my chinese pin yin also suck], understand or not, your own business.

Well, yesterday night had a kid, she was commented about somebody's cosplay. Yes, COSPLAY.
She was said that cosplayer was fat and been chosen to become edward from FMA.OK, First of all, I wanna say is, Yes she IS fat, I admit it, but excuse me ma'am she's the one choose the character not OTHER PEOPLE. Actually I'm not gonna blame her or something, because she just lack of cosplay knowledge, what she need is EDUCATE em. got it, EDUCATE. She didn't cosplay at all of course she don't how to respect a cosplay and the character. I met lots of this kind of HUMAN BEING without using their brain cells.

Tons of human being was attacked her *I'm not surprise about this, I did a same thing before.Well, that time my brain still in KODOMO mode * One of them was attacked her with very x10 rude word. Asked her to cosplay donkey or something[actually don't really that remember]. Yes, she's DID something mistake and she posted something that without using her brain cells but please lar, don't use rude word to replied the comment, its just getting down your imagine and even your cosplay club's imagine[and you just same like that girl, give comment with rude word]. Can you imagine next time other people comment your cosplay club "owh that cosplay club ar!! Lots of rude people in there and like to attack people. They all very arrogant one, like to attack those innocent people. Always live in their own world.". I don't think you guys wanna get this KIND of comment right?

Yes, I know you guys love your cosplay and RESPECT your cosplay [me either]. But you have to think, Do you respect people first before you want people respect your hobby and your passion? Do you treat people nicely? If you treat people nicely, I bet they will treat you nicely and respect you in the same time. "RESPECT" this word not just put at your mouth only, you need to SHOW it out.

CONCLUSION here: Thinks before you comment something or criticize people.

辛苦你们读这么长篇的文章!! *磕头*




职业:早上,是一位年老OL,晚上,是一位学生~ 平常,是一位路人甲~变身,是一位cosplayer/coser [老人也有感到骄傲的时候]


总结: 此老人,人格不稳定,生人勿近

注: 这是我发泄我的心情的地方,如果您不悦,请自行滚去.这不欢迎你!